Local Tour Operator on the Way to Green Glory

Denise Strohsahl, owner of marketing consultancy sandstonecastles, is delighted to announce that her client, Edinburgh-based tour operator Wind & Cloud Travel Ltd, has won a Green Apple Environment Award and has been shortlisted for the prestigious Goldstar Award 2014 from the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS).

Commenting on this news Denise said: “Awards are a great way to raise a company’s profile and attract more customers, hence the decision to start an extensive award campaign for the green tour operator. I’m thrilled to see that our efforts resulted in such a great outcome.”

Wind & Cloud Travel offers German speaking visitors to Scotland an alternative to mass market tourism. Their goal is to promote sustainable tourism by keeping the impact on the environment as low as possible as well as supporting local businesses and communities in the Highlands and Islands.

Both awards focus on rewarding sustainable business practices like theirs: GTBS is the world’s leading sustainable tourism accreditation programme and the Green Apple Awards are one of the major environmental recognition schemes, both in the UK and internationally.

The green tour operator brought Denise on board to help them improve their existing marketing and consult on new ways to grow the business. Managing Director Katja Wündrich comments: “We are still a bit overwhelmed by the response but it is great to receive recognition and acknowledgement for our very own brand of green tourism.”


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