Final Intern Blog: My conclusion of 3 months in Edinburgh

Photo of Sabrina

Today is my last day at the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and so my final blog piece will be my conclusion about my stay and the highlights of my trip.

Since my last blog I have visited Roslyn Chapel – an amazing church with a lot of mystery inside. I love the Dan Brown Books, but this was not the only reason to go there as the chapel also has an interesting history. Last weekend I was in the Highlands. It was a short trip, only one day but hey better than nothing. We started at 8am, on a Sunday!! We were on the bus for most of the day making several stops along the way to take pictures of the beautiful landscape. At midday we arrived at Loch Ness. It is a beautiful place but not as spectacular as I expected, but now I can say that I went there to see Nessy J! The next time I come to Scotland I will do another trip to the Highlands – it is an amazing landscape.

Now for the highlights of my trip. For sure the best  part was my internships. It was a very good experience, very helpful for my confidence, because in Germany I didn’t get this kind of positive experiences at a work placement. In comparison to Germany your work day life is so different but in a good way. Here you feel valued, the people are team players and they are respectful. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what you did before. When I had my interview with Martin from Grayling, he was interested in my CV, he said: “You have a really interesting CV, you have travelled a lot.” and so on. This was the first person who said this to me and it felt good. In Germany I was always thinking did I make the right career decision. I studied languages because I was really interested in them and not because I was thinking about how I could earn money quickly after university. But after university people told me that my course was a bad decision and that I would never earn money with it. I sent a lot application out for marketing jobs for example but the answer always was the same: “You didn’t study marketing so you can’t get a job in a marketing position”. But here – in these three months I learned that I can do anything that I want, it doesn’t matter what you studied. You can learn everything! And I discovered another advantage: my languages. German is my native language, but I also speak fluently Spanish and my English is not so badJ.

On Tuesday I was at a Edinburgh Chamber lunch event for women in business at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. The speaker was Petra Wend and she is the principal of the Queen Margaret University. We have lots in common; she is German, she is from Muenster and she studied there as I did. I talked to her for a while and it was so inspiring what she said. She has lived in the UK for 30 years now and she can’t imagine going back to Germany. I liked her presentation about leadership and personal growth, that women have the same opportunities for top position in companies. This presentation and the chat with her inspired me and motivated me to go on and to believe in myself. At the event I met another woman, her name is Denise, she is from Muenster as well – I know very crazy – she studied the same subjects as me, Linguistics and Romance Philology. She moved here 5 years age and began to work as a tour guide for German tourists. In her second year in Edinburgh she starts her career as a marketing consultant, and now she runs her own successful business. I mean I was so surprised – she didn’t study marketing or anything like that and she runs a successful business where her clients are happy.

I learnt in these three months to believe in myself and in my skills. I can do anything. That’s it, I had to come to Scotland to realise that. I think it was a necessary experience to enable me to go on with my future. Now I am looking forward to going back to Germany, home sweet home. But I will send applications to the UK as well as to German companies and maybe be back in Scotland soon!

Take care, bye bye


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