ECC Extra: Interviews with the host- Revolution Bar



Recently we headed to Revolution on Chamber Street for our Rising Stars event. Here Craig, our superstar mixologist for the night gives us an insight into his world.

1. When did you start working at Revolution?
Way back in September 2012.

2. Being a mixologist is a very complicated job, what is your secret ?
I like alcohol!

3. Are you an Edinburgh local? In your opinion what makes Edinburgh such a great place?
Yes, Edinburgh is a very historic city, which makes it a rather beautiful place to live.

4. Since you get to try so many different drinks, what would you say is your favourite cocktail and why?

Has to be a Mojito, it’s a cocktail with great history. There are so many different variations and they all taste great. Such as the Bison Grass Mojito which has Zubrowka Vodka in it.

5. Does Revolution have a signature cocktail?
The Strawberry Woo Woo, by far the most popular cocktail!

6. What is the best thing about working with Revolution?
The team – all the staff here are great to each other and it shows to the customers.

7. To any budding Tom Cruise’s out there, what are the Do’s and Don’ts of cocktail making?

Do experiment…as much as possible!
Don’t take it too seriously, it’s supposed to be a fun job.

8. You recently hosted a Rising Stars event with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce- what was that like?

One of the best cocktail making classes I’ve taken to be honest. Everyone was having a laugh and getting really involved.

9. Are we allowed back?
I joke, anytime Sian!

To get in touch with Craig or anyone at Revolution email To get in touch with the Events Team at the Chamber email


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